Video analysis

Running Gait Patterns

When you are a runner, it can be hard to judge your own running technique. Even when you are constantly running alongside a full-length mirror to check out your reflection, it is impossible to notice your running gait. Maybe you have Achilles pain for a long time, but you are not sure where the pain comes from. Or maybe you are not getting the most out of your stride, but you are not sure how to adjust it properly.

There are a lot of differences in running technique. To see what is a good technique for you, it is important to get individual feedback. With this feedback you are able to improve your running pattern and get more fun out of running.

Video Analysis

We are using a treadmill for the analyze and filming from two different points of view. From the side, and from behind. With these views we can almost observe the total running gait. We also run on different speed levels to see how the running gait reacts on different speed levels.

Next to the gait analysis, we also do a physical screening, perform a test for leg stability and a small jump test to see how your entire body reacts on ground impact. Those test are an addition to the video analysis. With these tests we get a lot of information to advice/adjust for additional running exercise. Both tests are based on the newest scientific insights which is available in sports medicine.


The result of the analyze is feedback on your running gait pattern, with video analyze software. We will also give you advice about your technique, how to improve your technique with different exercises. We will send you the video’s afterwards with the feedback. To visualize the feedback we will make screenshots out of the video software.

An incorrect running technique is an important risk factor for getting injured. That is why an extensive running analyze can help you to prevent injuries. With this video analyze you will get a lot of knowledge about you own running gait pattern, and the possibilities to change your pattern.


Normal running analyze with additional examination (duration: 1 hour) € 70,-

Follow up running analyze (duration: 1 hour)                                      € 60,-

Video analyze on location (1 hour)                                                    € 90,-

Normal analyze in combination with other programs(duration: 1 hour)   € 55,-

For more detailed information about the video analyse please contact us.