Training Programs

Causes of injury

Runners get injured for many reasons. We can divide these reasons in different risk factors. It could be structural imbalances, wrong biomechanics or errors in training load. The first step to prevent injuries is an adequate screening. You want to know which factors could be an issue in your running skills. Training improper technique or treating the wrong imbalances can cause injuries, so you need to know in detail what your individual risk factors are. After the screening you want a personal program to adjust biomechanics (running technique), treat the structural imbalances or get advice for your running program. With different training and recovery programs we can offer you exactly what you need, for both beginner and advanced runners.

Technical skills program

Period: 6 sessions of 30 minutes in 6 weeks.

Costs: € 220,- for 6 sessions or € 38,50 per session.

Program: Running technique training with light exercise therapy focusing on efficiency and strength.

Advanced Performance program

Period: 6/12 sessions of 60 minutes in 6/12 weeks.

Costs: 6 weeks € 450,- / 12 weeks € 850,-

Program: Running technique training with complete exercise therapy focusing on strength, endurance, stability and speed.

Post-injury program

Period: 6 sessions of 45 minutes in 6 weeks.

Costs: € 330,- or € 60,- per session.

Program: Return to sports program with running technique and specific exercise therapy. The exercise therapy will fit to the former injury.

Strength & Conditioning

Period: 6 sessions of 30 - 60 minutes in 6 weeks.

Costs:  Depends on the program. Indication: € 38.50 - € 75 per session.

Program: Strength & conditioning program focused injury prevention, stability, technique, functional strength and technique. This program will be personal and based on your goals, weaknesses and strength. New scientific insights will be used to assist you in creating a better base to perform. For runnesrs, Cyclist or (tri)athletes.

Sports Massage

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Costs:  Depends on the duration. Indication: € 60 - € 80 per session.

Program: Assesment and soft tissue sports massage. Included is personal advice regarding regeneration of the muscles(foam rolling and stretching exercises).

We also offer:

Performance coaching.

Group sessions: Running clinics or Corporate sessions are also possible.

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