Coaching programs

Some studies suggest that about 50% of all regular runners will be injured and have their training interrupted within the first year. That’s significantly higher than other sports like swimming or cycling. Especially the beginners or the runners who want to progress their running skills often get injured. Of course every sporting activity brings a risk for injuries, only the repetitive cyclic sports like running have an high injury rate on overuse injuries. Monitoring training load, acting on warning signs, improving biomechanics and running technique can help to reduce the risk of sport injuries.

Start to run program

Who: For everyone who want to start with running.

Period: 10-15 sessions of 30- 60 minutes in 10-15 weeks (based on individual level and goals).

Costs: The costs are depending on your goals and your starting level. Starting from 385 euro.

Program: Running program that's build up to 5 or 10 kilometers. You will train under supervision once a week with a lot of attention to technique, coordination and prevention of injuries. We will make an trainingsprogram to help your reaching your goal.

Performance coaching

Who: For runners, cyclist or triathletes that want to get more out of their training.

Program:  After a initial intake we will set up a personal trainingsprogram based on your goals, abilities and personal preferences. We will have regular feedback moments for coaching and adjusting the program. The schedule will be based on the latest scientific insights. This package is possible in combination with (running) training programs.

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Event Coaching

Do you want to get guided during your event week/period? You will get a diet plan, training schedule and a thoroughly preparation guidance. You have trained for a long period to peak during a event then you want to be max prepared.

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Why should I use a Coach?

The most endurance athletes are self-coached and rely on their own program/knowledge. Maybe they have a sports-club session occasionally to keep them on track. There is no doubt that this approach will result in you making it to the start line, hoping you have not injured yourself during the training period! But the question is, if this approach results in you getting maximum enjoyment out of the sport where you have committed a lot of time and effort in? Looking for expert advice/guiding from a qualified coach is becoming more common in endurance sports and is no longer only reserved for the elite. With the right guidance you can enjoy your sport more and train more effectively.  We are a team of experienced and knowledgeable coaches/trainers with different set of skills to help you in this process. We have seen the benefits for athletes at first hand and have six top reasons why you should invest in a sports coach.

  1. Motivation You and your coach will work as a team to design the most suitable and rewarding path through your training-season. A good sport coach will always be there when you need him/her. Remember you are both working together to achieve your goals.
  2. More Focus Your training will be built around your schedule, ability and motivation. No longer will you be doing sessions that are not suited to you as an athlete. A coach will understand you as a person(with your weak spots/strengths) in order to get the best athletic performance out of you.
  3. Train efficient Train smart rather than train more. There are a lot of committed athletes who over train and go beyond what is athletically and physiologically beneficial. Not only will “smarter” levels of training result in better performances and faster progress, but it will leave you with more free time to enjoy life outside of sports. Yes, there is a life beyond lycra and compression!
  4. Push beyond your limits A sports coach will keep you accountable to the sessions that are planned, meaning that you might think twice about brushing off that early Saturday morning session in favour of having a lie in. Linked to this, is the fact that a coach will allow you to safely push the limits of your comfort zone. A knowledgeable and experienced coach will set you to sessions that you would otherwise avoid if you would be in charge your own training. This will ultimately result in a better performance at race day.
  5. Enjoyment. A coach will ultimately lead to you getting more enjoyment from your training/sport. Rather than quitting when things get tough or burning yourself out over a short period of time, a coach will guide you successfully through season after season of fulfilment and fun. If you are not enjoying it, you do not want to continue!

Monthly schedule

Monthly detailed training program, with 1 feedback moment of 1 hour every 2 months. We are using trainingpeaks for continue feedback and guidance.  After initial intake we will set up a season overview to plan your season.

Costs: 150 euro /month


2 week schedule

2 week detailed training program, with 1 feedback moment of 1 hour every 6 weeks. We are using trainingpeaks for continue feedback and guidance.  After initial intake we will set up a season overview to plan your season.

Costs: 225 euro /month

1 week schedule

Weekly detailed training program with 2 feedback moments of 1 hour every 3 weeks. We are using trainingpeaks for continue feedback and guidance.  After initial intake we will set up a season overview to plan your season.

Costs: 350 euro /month.

In all the coaching programs is communication through Trainingspeaks included. That means that we will create the detailed training plan on this platform. We also using the output data from Trainingpeaks as feedback and as guideline for the trainings plan in the future. This approach is scientific bases and will give objective date to bring you to a next level in training.

During the program we will have continue contact through email or other preferred communication methods. This will give us subjective data to adjust the program where necessary. Not everything can be summarized in data, as a coach we appreciate date as much as your personal feedback.

Initial intake is included in all program. After this intake we will create a season plan for you. In this periodization plan we will try to create an overview how to divide and build up the season. You can also book this intake session (including season plan) separate for 90 euro. But we think that the coaching and continuously adjusting the process will bring you further as an athlete.

You can combine the coaching program with other training programs or sport specific analysis. You can find more info on this webpage. Please send us an email for more info, pricing and how to proceed.