Build-up Program

What is the risk of injury?

Some studies suggest that about 50% of all regular runners will be injured and have their training interrupted within one year. That’s significantly higher than other sports like swimming or cycling. Especially the beginners or the runners who want to progress their running skills often get injured. Of course every sporting activity brings a risk for injuries, only the repetitive cyclic sports like running have an high injury rate on overuse injuries.

Monitoring training load, acting on warning signs, improving biomechanics and running technique can help to reduce the risk of running injuries.

Special build up program

Who: For everyone who want to start with running.

Period: 10-15 sessions of 30- 60 minutes in 10-15 weeks (based on individual level and goals).

Costs: The costs are depending on your goals and your starting level. Starting from 350 euro.

Program: Running program that's build up to 5 or 10 kilometers. You will train under supervision once a week with a lot of attention to technique, coordination and prevention of injuries. We use to coach and advice you during the weeks.