Why should I use a coach?

The most endurance athletes are self-coached and rely on their own program/knowledge. Maybe they have a sports-club session occasionally to keep them on track. There is no doubt that this approach will result in you making it to the start line, hoping you have not injured yourself during the training period! But the question is, if this approach results in you getting maximum enjoyment out of the sport where you have committed a lot of time and effort in? Looking for expert advice/guiding from a qualified coach is becoming more common in endurance sports and is no longer only reserved for the elite. With the right guidance you can enjoy your sport more and train more effectively. We are a team of experienced and knowledgeable coaches/trainers with different set of skills to help you in this process. We have seen the benefits for athletes at first hand and have six top reasons why you should invest in a sports coach.

Motivation You and your coach will work as a team to design the most suitable and rewarding path through your training-season. A good sport coach will always be there when you need him/her. Remember you are both working together to achieve your goals.
More Focus Your training will be built around your schedule, ability and motivation. No longer will you be doing sessions that are not suited to you as an athlete. A coach will understand you as a person(with your weak spots/strengths) in order to get the best athletic performance out of you.
Train efficient Train smart rather than train more. There are a lot of committed athletes who over train and go beyond what is athletically and physiologically beneficial. Not only will “smarter” levels of training result in better performances and faster progress, but it will leave you with more free time to enjoy life outside of sports. Yes, there is a life beyond lycra and compression!
Push beyond your limits A sports coach will keep you accountable to the sessions that are planned, meaning that you might think twice about brushing off that early Saturday morning session in favour of having a lie in. Linked to this, is the fact that a coach will allow you to safely push the limits of your comfort zone. A knowledgeable and experienced coach will set you to sessions that you would otherwise avoid if you would be in charge your own training. This will ultimately result in a better performance at race day.
Enjoyment. A coach will ultimately lead to you getting more enjoyment from your training/sport. Rather than quitting when things get tough or burning yourself out over a short period of time, a coach will guide you successfully through season after season of fulfilment and fun. If you are not enjoying it, you do not want to continue!
Reflection. Sit back and take stock after a race or a training block. Where have you come from, in the past few months or years? Was there anything in your preparation that could have been improved on? A coach can help you reflecting and implementing new methods to improve your training result!

Running Gait Patterns

If you’re a runner, it can be hard to judge your own running technique.
Unless you’re constantly running alongside a full-length mirror to check out your reflection, it’s impossible to notice you running gait. Maybe you have Achilles pain for a long time, but you’re not sure where it’s coming from. Or maybe you’re not getting the most out of your stride, but you’re not sure how to properly adjust it.
There are a lot of differences in running technique. To see what’s good or what’s not, it is important to get individual feedback. With this feedback you are able to improve you running pattern and get more fun out of running.
Video Analysis
We using a treadmill for the analyze and filming from two different points of view. The side, an behind. With this views we can almost observe the total running gait. We also run on different speed levels to see how the running gait reacts on different speed levels.
Next to the gait analysis, we also do an physical screening, perform a test for leg stability and an small jump test to see how you entire body reacts on ground impacts. Those test are an addition to the video analysis. We can get out of these test a lot of information to advice/adjust additional running exercise. Both test are based on the newest scientific insights that is available in sports medicine.
The result of the analyze is off course feedback on you running gait patterns with video analyze software. Afterwards we will also give you advice about your technique and how train it with different exercises. We will send you the video’s afterwards with the feedback, and also try to make screenshots out of our software to visualize this feedback.
Running technique is an important risk factor for getting injured. That’s why an extensive running analyze can help you to prevent injuries. With this video analyze you will get a lot of knowledge about you own running gait patterns, and the possibility’s to change it.
Normal running analyze with additional examination (duration: 1 hour)                € 70,-
Follow up running analyze (duration: 1 hour)                                                              € 60,-
Video analyze on location (1 hour)                                                                                 € 90,-
Normal analyze in combination with other programs(duration: 1 hour)                 € 55,-