Running training in Luxembourg

With different programs we can offer you exactly what you need, for both beginner and advanced runners. It is really useful to screen and train the risk factors to prevent injuries. Overuse injuries could be almost halved with adequate strength training. We want you to reach your own goal without any physical frustration.

Video Analysis

Proper running technique is very important to keep uninjured. How good is your running technique? Where can you improve your technique? With an extensive running analyse you will get a lot of knowledge and exercises to improve your technique!

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Running Training

Monitoring training load, acting on warning signs, improving biomechanics and running technique can help to reduce the risk of running injuries and it can also help you to run faster and more efficient!

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Build-up programs

Many people get the healthy advice to start running but what we know is that the injury risk is very high when you start running. Proper running technique, adequate and individual programs and preventive coaching can help you to reduce the running injuries and reaching you goals!

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